By the end of this stage you will have achieved the following outcomes from the Pathway Framework:

Support of replenishment solutions at broader ecosystem level.

  • Beyond Value Chain Mitigation measures that comply with Article 6 of Paris Agreement are implemented, the volume of emissions removed is exceeding the remaining greenhouse gas emissions of the entire life cycle
  • New energy efficiency and carbon reduction solutions and initiatives have been investigated and regenerative solutions and innovative initiatives have been invested in and implemented.
  • Initiatives to support suppliers to decarbonise are in place.
  • Initiatives to support local community access to renewable energy are in place.
  • Initiatives to help local community increase energy efficiency are investigated and implemented.
  • Initiatives to advocate for and support development of renewable energy sources are in place.

Net Positive Hospitality in practice

There is no one-size-fits-all vision for what Net Positive looks like for the industry. Nor is there a limit to how ‘Net Positive’ a company can become. Therefore, this fourth stage is no longer a case of completing steps, and is, instead, a continuous process of expanding and deepening your company’s positive impact on people, communities, destinations and the planet.

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Discover case studies that show the many ways in which hotels can give back more than they take.

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As hospitality companies progress towards Net Positive Hospitality, the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance is keen to share good news and best practice from across the industry. Our Net Positive case studies are shared across our website and LinkedIn, acting as a positive space to celebrate these actions, achievements, and commitments.

We invite hotels to get involved by sending case studies to press@sustainablehospitalityalliance.org and / or tagging @Net Positive Hospitality and @Sustainable Hospitality Alliance within LinkedIn posts relating to environmental sustainability or social responsibility.

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Test the outcomes of ESG solutions

The Net Positive Hospitality Simulation brings the Pathway to life, helping users understand the impacts of their decisions, test sustainability actions and create a tailored sustainability action plan.

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Congratulations, you are now a GHG Emissions & Energy leader!

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