In 2021, Arabella hotels joined FINHAVA, a pioneering project on Mallorca promoted by the Consell de Mallorca in collaboration with Tirme (a waste management company), other hotel chains and a number of companies operating in the agricultural primary sector, technology and transport industries.

FINHAVA is a technology platform for the promotion of circular economy, local agriculture and sustainable tourism. The 5G & blockchain technology allows a complete tracking of the goods within the circle.

The project consists of a four-step cycle:

  1. Hotels on Mallorca acquire locally sourced produce from farmers.
  2. Hotels correctly sort the organic waste generated using sensor-activated containers.
  3. The organic matter is taken to Tirme’s plants for transformation into organic compost which is then distributed to local farmers for fertilising their crops.
  4. Local farmers grow produce for the various hotels on the island.

One of the key aspects of this process is that the hotel receives the equivalent weight in produce to the organic matter they provided during step two of the cycle. This means that the foods re-enter the chain, thereby completing the economic circle.

In Summer 2022, Arabella Hotels received delivery of the first fruit and vegetables grown using the 2021 compost produced in their hotels. Due to the concrete measurements, 2 apples per client are coming directly from organic waste in 2022.

The project’s long-term objective is to achieve scalability through its digital platform, with the hope of making a real impact on local environmental conditions, farmers’ economies, the hotels’ value proposal and the island’s global positioning. Furthermore, it is applicable to all stages of the life cycle for any product.

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