By fostering collaboration, creating partnerships, and working together towards shared goals, we have built a strong network of donor members, partners, and stakeholders committed to sustainability in the hospitality industry.

The World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance is governed by our Board of Trustees. Our integrated approach involves an Executive Committee of 8-10 hospitality members as advisors to guide decision-making by the Alliance; the Senior Advisory Council which includes both hospitality donor companies and affiliate donor members; a Youth Leaders’ Council, Standing Committees, and global Regional Chapters; and integration with the Sustainable Markets Initiative Hospitality and Tourism Task Force.

Our day-to-day operations, project development and programme delivery are carried out by our London-based head office, and regional staff in relevant countries around the world.

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Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees ensures good governance of the organisation and full compliance with all statutory responsibilities. They approve the annual business plan, strategy and finances. The Board meets four times a year, in person and digitally. Trustees serve in an individual capacity based on their own skillset and experience, and not as company representatives. The Board of Trustees has one sub-committee, covering Finance, Risk and Audit, which is chaired by the Treasurer.

Our Senior Advisory Council

Senior Advisory Council

The Senior Advisory Council provides strategic guidance to the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance on the content and nature of its activities to achieve the most significant possible impact against its charitable mission and ensure effective engagement with Alliance member companies at the most senior levels.

Our Senior Advisory Council is comprised of C-suite representatives, put forward by each of our hospitality donor companies and affiliate donor members, who give guidance, support and approval at the most senior and strategic level. Our Council representatives act as ambassadors with key stakeholder groups, and advise on the latest industry context to ensure we achieve the greatest possible impact. The Senior Advisory Council meets twice a year at the Alliance’s Bi-annual Summits.

Our Executive Forum

Executive Forum

The Executive Committee comprises 8 to 10 hospitality donor company members, and provides strategic leadership and guidance to the Alliance, ensuring that it delivers on its mission to drive sustainability and social responsibility in the hospitality industry.

The objectives of the Executive Committee include recommending the Alliance’s annual strategy, ambition, and budget for consideration and final approval by the Trustee Board, and monitoring the implementation of the Alliance’s Strategy, ensuring that targets are being met and progress is being made towards the Alliance’s goals.

Youth Leaders Advisory Council

The Youth Leaders Advisory Council acts as a separate entity to the Senior Advisory Council, to provide input and guidance to the Alliance’s overall strategic direction and programme areas.

Each donor member of the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance is invited to nominate a young leader representative. The Chair and the Vice Chair of the Council will be elected by and from the Youth Leaders Advisory Council members, who will then represent the Council on the Executive Committee.

SMI Hospitality and Tourism Task Force

The Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) Hospitality and Tourism Taskforce has been established through a partnership between the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and the Sustainable Markets Initiative.

The SMI Hospitality and Tourism Task Force is comprised of CEO members who commit to becoming supporters of the Terra Carta, driving leadership in sustainable business, and working together to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable sector.

High Ambition Movers

This group will bring together high-ambition Alliance members to forge bold, large-scale commitments and partnerships that leverage their market power to drive catalytic shifts towards net positive with investment into innovations or destinations. All Alliance donor members will be invited to join the High Ambition Movers, conditional on a commitment to action.

The High Ambition Movers will operate under the guidance and support of the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, which will provide expertise, resources, and materials to support their efforts.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees support the Trustee Board, Senior Advisory Council, and the Sustainable Markets Initiative Hospitality and Tourism Task Force at an operational level and co-create World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s operational plans depending on each Committee’s specialisation, with the CEO and the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance team. The Standing Committees are Standards & Reporting, Financing the Transition, Technology Transfer, Supply Chain Optimisation, Risk & Resilience and Communications & Public Relations.

Regional Chapters

The Regional Chapters represent the Alliance in destinations and regions across the globe. The Chapters will provide local representation and work with stakeholders to build local networks and promote sustainable hospitality practices.

The Chapters will be established in the following regions over time: North America, Central and South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia and Pacific.

Our Strategic Advisors

Strategic Advisors

Our Strategic Advisors to the CEO are esteemed industry experts, who are responsible for providing strategic counsel and guidance to the CEO and other members of the executive team. They work closely with the CEO to develop and implement organisational strategies, identify new opportunities, and navigate complex business challenges.

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Our bold new strategy provides a roadmap to create a prosperous and responsible hospitality sector that gives back to the destination more than it takes.

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Our members include large and small hotel companies with both international and regional portfolios, as well as companies from across the value chain.

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