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Image shows solar panels in rows across a field, with trees and wind turbines in the background.
Partnership to drive sector to sustainability is announced between the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and GRESB

The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and GRESB aim to lead sustainability initiatives within the sector and paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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Photo shows Alliance CEO, Glenn Mandziuk, and Chair, Wolfgang M Neumann, posing for a photo with Stella Van Toor and Paul Griep, Directors of the Sustainable Hospitality Challenge, in front of a step and repeat banner at the Alliance's 2022 Autumn Summit.
Hotelschool The Hague partners with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance to develop knowledge and training partnership to achieve Net Positive Hospitality

Together, the Alliance and Hotelschool The Hague will form a knowledge and training partnership to help the Alliance achieve Net Positive Hospitality.

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Club Med joins the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

Club Med's collaboration with the Alliance cements the resort company's commitment to environmental sustainability and Net Positive progress.

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Hotels share employability programme delivery guidance to help fill gap in labour market and give back to communities

In the face of a staff shortages, hotel companies share guidance on how to support local communities by delivering practical training for young people.

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New appointments to the Board of Trustees strengthens leadership at the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

The Alliance has appointed three new trustees and a new Vice-chair to the Board, strengthening its leadership on the path to Net Positive Hospitality.

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d2o joins the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance to help its members collect data and reduce carbonisation

By joining the Alliance, d2o adds significant value to the sector's sustainability efforts and the collective journey to Net Positive Hospitality.

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The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance and World Travel Awards join forces to launch the World Sustainable Travel & Hospitality Awards, elevating sustainable tourism to new heights

The Alliance is collaborating with the World Travel Awards to oversee submissions for the inaugural World Sustainable Travel & Hospitality Awards.

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L-R, Herve Prezet - Vice President Industry & Expertise - Amadeus, Glenn Mandziuk - CEO - Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, Agnes Pierce - Global Head of Sustainability, Hospitality - Amadeus and Olivier Girault - Head of Sustainability Solutions - Amadeus
Amadeus brings travel technology expertise to membership in the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

Amadeus has joined the Alliance, bringing its travel technology expertise to the table to support a more prosperous and responsible sector.

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A year of progress and a vision for Net Positive Hospitality: reflection on COP28 and beyond

Alliance CEO, Glenn Mandziuk, shares an end of year thought piece, reflecting on COP28 and our progress towards Net Positive Hospitality in 2023.

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Green Key Global joins the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance to drive sustainable solutions in the hospitality industry

As a member of the Alliance, Green Key Global will collaborate with over 50 members to tackle key challenges and work towards Net Positive Hospitality.

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Ambitions for Net Positive certification for low carbon and resilient hotels announced at COP28

The Alliance and IFC have unveiled an ambitious vision for a new level of EDGE green building certification and Building Resilience Index, at COP28.

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Innovative new Digital Pathway maps out route to Net Positive Hospitality

The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance launches a ground-breaking new digital version of the Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality, at COP28 in Dubai.

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