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We bring together engaged hospitality companies who are committed to collaborate on shared sustainability issues. Our members represent 55,000 hotels, equating to 7 million rooms. We provide a platform for governments, non-profits organisations and philanthropic foundations to work with the hospitality industry on regional and global issues.
Partner with us to support communities and environments across the world and contribute towards the sustainable development goals.

The partnership opportunities we offer include:

Trusts and foundations

We collaborate with trusts and foundations to co-develop, test and scale up new approaches to improve youth employment, expand ethical recruitment practices and increase environmental sustainability across the hospitality industry. We can offer:

  • Industry insight, knowledge and buy-in to test new ideas
  • Scalability to proven approaches across the hospitality industry through our network of members
Bilateral and multilateral agencies

We contribute towards increasing the scale of strategic programmes designed by government and statutory bodies, and expand their scope and impact through our unique partnership with the hospitality industry. We can offer:

  • Industry-specific knowledge and partnerships through our network of members
  • Unique, thematic public-private partnerships

We partner with companies and their charitable foundations to enable them to contribute towards achieving meaningful social and environmental change locally as well as on a global scale. We can offer:

  • A platform to leverage corporate donations that align with your brand values and create a transformational change
  • Co-creation of programmes on shared goals at local, regional or global scale
  • Projects on a local, regional or global scale
  • Cause-based campaigns to promote your brand
  • Creative ways to involve your employers or customers
Knowledge and research partners

We partner with specialist organisations to co-create programmes, research or resources across our work on human rights, youth employment, climate action and water stewardship. We can offer:

  • Co-creation of programmes on shared goals at local, regional or global scale
  • Industry-specific knowledge and engagement through our network of members

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