Meet Silvina and Hemal – Sustainability Consultant & Permaculture Designer and General Manager of Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali – two Hyatt colleagues who are bringing World of Care to life through their work at the resort and within their local communities.

The resort is committed to reducing waste production and reusing, recycling, and upcycling, having converted a portion of the hotel into a sustainability lab. Their innovative upcycling programme includes transforming glass bottles into branded glasses, making tiles from broken glass and ceramics, breaking down guest’s slippers to create stuffing for beanbags, and crafting seats and pots using old buggy tyres.

“We saw the need and the possibility of doing something very different, taking the ethos of the Alila brand, which is so deep rooted in sustainability, and taking it a notch higher. We decided to take a portion of the hotel and convert it into a beautiful, sustainable lab, and from there this journey started.” – Hemal Jain, General Manager
“What really inspires me about the lab is that every single item that, before, we used to discard and forget about it, now it becomes and opportunity. It invites us to create. What we are doing here is trying to be an example for other businesses to do it and we want the guests to learn. I always say that if we planted that seed in your head we are already successful.” – Silvina Miguel, Sustainability Consultant & Permaculture Designer

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