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World Sustainable Travel & Hospitality Awards

Recognising, celebrating and sharing the stories of individuals and organisations accelerating change and making an impactful contribution in sustainable travel and tourism

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21 categories covering the breadth and depth of sustainable and responsible travel and hospitality have been selected by an Advisory Board of experts to reflect the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Net Positive framework of People, Planet, Place and Prosperity, with an overarching theme of partnerships.

Voting opens on 14th June

Key dates:

Awards entries closed– 31st May
Nominations revealed & global voting begins – 14th June
Voting closes – 2nd August
Gala Ceremony, Belize – 27th September

The categories:

Leading Sustainable Organisation

Acknowledges organisations dedicated to sustainable practices, community engagement, environmental stewardship, and setting a standard in global sustainable tourism efforts.

Leading Sustainable Supply Chain Programme

Honours initiatives that demonstrate exceptional commitment to ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and setting a benchmark for excellence in sustainable supply chain management.

Leading Sustainable Energy Efficiency Initiative

Celebrates outstanding efforts in advancing energy efficiency practices, promoting renewable energy adoption, and driving sustainable solutions to combat climate change within the hospitality and tourism industry.

Leading Sustainable Health & Well-being Initiative

Celebrates outstanding contributions in prioritize and promoting sustainable practices, community well-being, and environmental stewardship, and setting a standard for excellence in global tourism sustainability.

Leading Sustainable Circular Economy Partnership

Recognises exceptional collaborations dedicated to advancing circular economy principles, promoting resource efficiency, and fostering sustainable production and consumption patterns.

Leading Sustainable Water & Waste Innovation

Honours ground-breaking initiatives that revolutionise water management and waste reduction practices, driving forward sustainable solutions for a cleaner and more resilient future.

Leading Sustainable Finance Initiative

Recognises ground-breaking efforts in integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into financial decision-making, driving sustainable investment practices and fostering a more resilient economy.

Leading Sustainable Technology

Honours innovations that demonstrate exceptional advancements in sustainability, environmental responsibility, and technological ingenuity, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future for communities.

Leading Sustainable Partnership

Celebrates collaborative efforts that demonstrate exceptional commitment to sustainability, innovation, and positive social impact, setting standards for effective and transformative partnerships in addressing challenges that others can follow.

Leading Sustainable Conservation & Biodiversity Programme

Recognises outstanding initiatives that demonstrate exceptional commitment to preserving biodiversity, restoring ecosystems, promoting sustainable conservation practices, and setting a standard for environmental stewardship and biodiversity protection.

Leading Sustainable Development

Celebrates initiatives that exemplify exemplary dedication to sustainable practices, social equity, environmental stewardship, driving positive change and fostering a more sustainable future for communities worldwide.

Leading Sustainable Destination

Recognises destinations that excel in implementing sustainable tourism practices, preserving natural and cultural heritage, and promoting community engagement, and setting a standard for responsible tourism worldwide.

Leading Sustainable Female Empowerment Initiative

Recognises initiatives that champion sustainable solutions, gender equality and women’s empowerment, inspiring global progress towards inclusive and equitable societies.

Leading Sustainable Employer

Recognises organisations that prioritise environmental stewardship, social responsibility, employee well-being, and setting an example for sustainable business practices and workplace excellence worldwide.

Leading Sustainable Accessibility & Inclusion Initiative

Celebrates initiatives that champion accessibility, diversity, and inclusion, paving the way for a more equitable and accessible world for all.

Leading Sustainability Leader

Acknowledges individuals who demonstrate exemplary leadership in driving sustainable practices, fostering innovation, and inspiring positive environmental and social change.

The Wolfgang M. Neumann Sustainability Leader of Tomorrow Award

Honours emerging individuals who exhibit exceptional potential in advancing sustainable practices, driving innovation, and inspiring positive environmental and social change for all.

Leading Sustainable Education & Training Programme

Recognises initiatives that excel in providing innovative and impactful learning experiences, empowering individuals and organisations to embrace sustainable practices and drive positive change.

Leading Sustainable Cultural Heritage Project

Celebrates initiatives that safeguard and promote cultural heritage through sustainable conservation practices, fostering community engagement and preserving cultural identity for future generations. Only individuals and organisations located in Belize are eligible to enter this category.

Leading Sustainable Marine Conservation Initiative

Recognises outstanding efforts dedicated to preserving and restoring marine ecosystems, promoting sustainable fishing practices, and fostering community engagement to ensure the health and resilience of our oceans. Only individuals and organisations located in Belize are eligible to enter this category.

Leading Sustainable Community Engagement Programme

Acknowledges initiatives that excel in fostering inclusive participation, empowering communities, and promoting sustainable development practices, driving positive social change and resilience globally. Only individuals and organisations located in Belize are eligible to enter this category.

The judging process

Your entry will be checked and vetted to ensure your nomination qualifies for the selected category.

Award entries will be analysed and vetted by students of sustainable business from the Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, with the approval of the shortlist by the WSTHA Advisory Board, for which the Alliance’s CEO, Glenn Mandziuk, is Vice-chair.

Travel and tourism professionals will then be invited to vote for the initiatives and programmes that they see as most impactful and innovative.

Leaders in sustainable travel will be invited to attend the inaugural WSTHA Gala Ceremony in Belize, the Official Host Destination, on 27th September, when the winners will be revealed.

The Awards programme has been developed collaboratively by the Alliance, the World Travel Awards and Belize Tourism Board