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Case study: IHG Hotels & Resorts – InterContinental Bora Bora continues to lower costs and carbon emissions using seawater

IHG Hotels & Resorts' InterContinental Bora Bora has introduced innovative seawater cooling technology to its operations, reducing its carbon footprint.

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Case Study: Kaveesha

He had the option of following his father into farming, but Kaveesha has forged his own path after being connected to our employability programme.

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Case study: Sanduni

Terrorist attacks may have forced Sanduni to put her ambitions on hold, but since joining TUI Academy, she is on track to achieve her dreams.

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Seyi youth employment programme graduate

Case study: Seyi

Seyi found it difficult to find a job after becoming physically disabled. He was able to showcase his talents and is motivated build his career.

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Case study: Shanthi

Despite the backdrop of terrorist attacks and a global pandemic, Shanthi was able to follow her dreams of joining the hotel industry.

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Case study: Akhil

20-year-old Akhil grew up in India and fell prey to human traffickers due to financial instability. Through our youth programme, he found skills and the…