With energy costs rising globally, incorporating efficiency basics into Radisson Hotel Group’s properties will not only reduce the carbon footprint of each hotel, but will also reduce each hotel’s monthly energy costs. Creating good team habits is an essential part of this approach.

As part of RHG’s Hotel Sustainability Basics commitment, they are educating their teams on how a small change in habits can make a big impact.

RHG’s preventive maintenance programme ensures a guest experience free of negative surprises while generating significant savings. Preventive maintenance tasks include the regular cleaning of air vents and filters, plumbing, water supply inspections, and electrical checks.

In 2022, RHG launched the “Own your energy” campaign, promoting energy efficiency basics through active engagement. Team members are asked to take a habit-changing pledge and to own their efficient energy use. Throughout the campaign, team members became more energy conscientious by using the full capacity of each equipment, by giving out only one key card to a guest, and by switching off appliances and lights when not in use. The ongoing communications strategy helps team members develop good energy-use habits.

Over 2,200 pledges have been made, with a projected energy saving of 5-10% as a result.

To find out more about Radisson Hotel Group’s approach to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, view their 2022 Responsible Business Report.