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Know How Guide: Human Rights and the Hotel Industry

Provides an overview of human rights within hospitality, guidance on developing a human rights policy, performing due diligence and addressing any adverse human rights impacts.

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Water Stewardship for Hotel Companies

This report provides guidance and practical actions on managing a hotel’s water use and embedding water stewardship programmes across their portfolios.

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Sustainable Siting, Construction and Design

This manual provides practical guidance and recommendations for stakeholders at each stage of the hotel development process, to ensure hotels are built and refurbished sustainably.

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Water Risk Assessment cover

Water Risk Assessment

This report assesses the possible impacts the industry could suffer due to shifts in the availability of quality water sources, and provides recommendations for the…

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Guidelines for Checking Recruitment Agencies

Guidelines for Checking Recruitment Agencies supports hotels to perform the necessary checks and procedures when engaging private employment agencies to recruit workers.

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Global Hotel Decarbonisation Report

This report outlines the hotel sector’s decarbonisation pathway and the most impactful actions the sector could take to meet the Paris Climate Agreement.