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Seyi youth employment programme graduate

Case study: Seyi

Seyi found it difficult to find a job after becoming physically disabled. He was able to showcase his talents and is motivated build his career.

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Case study: Shanthi

Despite the backdrop of terrorist attacks and a global pandemic, Shanthi was able to follow her dreams of joining the hotel industry.

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Case study: Gudiya

Born and raised in Eastern India, Gudiya overcame all odds and joined our youth employment programme to achieve financial freedom and a fulfilling career in…

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Determining the sustainability of hotels in your supply chain

Guidance for organisations looking to assess the sustainability of hotels in their supply chain including questions that help determine sustainability and quality responses.

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Case study: Akhil

20-year-old Akhil grew up in India and fell prey to human traffickers due to financial instability. Through our youth programme, he found skills and the…

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Case study: Ragini

Ragini was rescued from the red light area when she was 13. She found her independence through her motivation to learn supported by our youth…