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Sustainable Siting, Construction and Design

This manual provides practical guidance and recommendations for stakeholders at each stage of the hotel development process, to ensure hotels are built and refurbished sustainably.

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Hotel Footprinting tool webpage

Hotel Footprinting

This free online tool allows hotels to search carbon emissions and energy usage for comparative hotels around the world, and generate carbon footprint reports.

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Global Hotel Decarbonisation Report

This report outlines the hotel sector’s decarbonisation pathway and the most impactful actions the sector could take to meet the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Environmental Management for Hotels

Environmental Management for Hotels is a comprehensive guide to support hotel companies to manage and operate their hotel properties more sustainably.

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Business case for sustainable hotels cover

Business Case for Sustainable Hotels

The Business Case for Sustainable Hotels provides an analysis of the business benefits of sustainable hotels and offers tangible recommendations for the hotel value chain.

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Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI)

Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI) is a methodology and tool for hotels to calculate the carbon footprint of their properties.