As the industry recovers from the global pandemic, now is a crucial time to recognise the value of sustainability and build back more sustainable and resilient for the future.

The ownership structure within the hospitality industry is often a challenge to building and operating more sustainable hotels. However, by increasing collaboration across the hotel value chain, a sustainable hotel can offer considerable benefits for all stakeholders.

This webinar presents the financial, reputational and regulatory benefits for sustainable design in hotel construction and refurbishment, and showcases the financial options available for green investment.

What you will learn:

  • The environmental impact of buildings
  • The business case for building and operating sustainable hotels
  • The financial options available for sustainable design
  • Practical advice and case studies from leading hotel brands on the financial benefits of improving sustainability

Featuring insights from the following speakers:

  • Nora Steurer, Programme Management Officer, Global ABC, UN Environment Programme
  • Madhu Rajesh, CEO of Sustainable Hospitality Alliance
  • Thomas Loughlin, Sustainable Supply Lead,
  • Rusmir Musić, Operations Officer, EDGE, International Finance Corporation
  • Allan Agerholm, CEO, BC Hospitality Group
Further resources

Please see our Business Case for Sustainable Hotels for practical recommendations for all stakeholders in the hotel value chain.