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HWMI webinar

Hotel Water Measurement Initiative introductory webinar

An instructive webinar to guide hotels and other users on how to use our water measurement tool, HWMI.

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Water Stewardship for Hotel Companies

This report provides guidance and practical actions on managing a hotel’s water use and embedding water stewardship programmes across their portfolios.

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Water Risk Assessment cover

Water Risk Assessment

This report assesses the possible impacts the industry could suffer due to shifts in the availability of quality water sources, and provides recommendations for the…

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Destination Water Risk Index cover

Destination Water Risk Index

This research provides key data on local water conditions and risks in key hotel development areas, and how this will impact water prices.

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Hotel Water Measurement Initiative cover

Hotel Water Measurement Initiative (HWMI)

The Hotel Water Measurement Initiative (HWMI) is a methodology and tool to enable hotels measure and report on water use in a consistent way.