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Certifications factsheet

Hotel sustainability certifications factsheet

 This factsheet explores the benefits of hotel sustainability certification and gives an overview of the different types with advice on how to get started.

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Water stewardship factsheet cover

Water stewardship factsheet

This factsheet explores the issues of water risk and provides recommendations on how to reduce impacts on hotel operations and local supply.

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Single use plastic factsheet

Single-use plastic factsheet

This factsheet explores the issues of single-use plastics and provides recommendations for hotels on how to reduce their use. 

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Responsible procurement factsheet cover

Responsible procurement factsheet

This factsheet explores how responsible purchasing can positively impact hotel operations and includes tips on how to get started.

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HWMI webinar

Hotel Water Measurement Initiative introductory webinar

An instructive webinar to guide hotels and other users on how to use our water measurement tool, HWMI.

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Water Stewardship for Hotel Companies

This report provides guidance and practical actions on managing a hotel’s water use and embedding water stewardship programmes across their portfolios.