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Case study: Supporting Local Communities – Empowering Women Farmers Through Tourism

Discover how Equality in Tourism and partners strengthened linkages between Kilimanjaro tourism and farming to bring female farmers out of poverty.

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Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality

The Pathway to Net Positive Hospitality enables every hotel to work towards a net positive impact, no matter their starting point.

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Temporary migrant worker factsheet cover

Temporary migrant worker recruitment factsheet

This factsheet provides guidance for hotels on how to address risks when recruiting temporary workers.

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Recruitment scams factsheet cover

Recruitment scams factsheet

This factsheet provides guidance for hotels to recognise and mitigate the risks to their employees and job seekers of recruitment scams.

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Cover for employment opportunities for refugees guidance note

Guidance for supporting refugees and internally displaced people

Guidance for the industry including providing employment opportunities and accommodation for refugees and internally displaced people.

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Establishing ethical recruitment practices in the hospitality industry

Guidance including practical steps and advice for the hospitality industry on recruiting international migrant workers ethically within operations and supply chains.