About Environmental Management for Hotels

Environmental Management for Hotels is a comprehensive guide to support hotel companies to manage and operate their hotel properties more sustainably.

What will you learn?

The manual examines the key issues relating to hotel operations and provides tools and practical guidance for managing the impact of properties on the destinations and communities in which they operate.

Each chapter of the manual focuses on a different key issue within hotel operations, including energy consumption, water conservation, waste management, food safety, supply chains and social sustainability.

Chapter one provides guidance on developing and communicating sustainable management policies. The remaining nine chapters each focus on a different key issue and provide:

  • analysis of the issue in both a global context and as it relates to hotels
  • guidance on how to monitor and evaluate hotel performance and develop strategies for increasing positive impact
  • step by step guidance on how to implement practical and sustainable solutions

Who is it for?

This guidance can be used by hotels of any size and in any location, including those with little or no experience in environmental management.

The first chapter can be used to develop an environmental management policy and facilitate communications to gain support from senior management, guests and other business stakeholders. Chapter two onwards provides hotel companies and operators with the tools to create and implement practical solutions to address key environmental issues.