The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (Alliance) signed a Co-operation Agreement on the protection of migrants and enhance safe, orderly, and regular labour migration.

The Agreement was signed by IOM’s Director of the Department of Programme Support and Migration Management, Monica Goracci and the Alliance’s Chief Executive Officer, Glenn Mandziuk.

Together, the two organisations will expand cooperation between the private and public sectors on a spectrum of areas including labour migration, ethical recruitment, migrant worker protection, countertrafficking, integration, promotion of economic growth, and support for human development.

 “IOM is delighted to expand and enhance our relationship with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance,” said Monica Goracci, Director of the Department of Programme Support and Migration Management.
“This Agreement presents us with a strong opportunity to lead the industry in tackling complex challenges facing workers and business around the world. Together, we will reinforce our mutual goals through complementary action, leveraging our strengths to enhance impacts through collaboration.”

The hotel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the global economy. There is strong consensus that migrant workers are vital contributors bringing diverse and multidimensional skillsets to the industry. Through this Agreement, IOM and the Alliance aim to address key risks migrant workers face in the industry and enhance capacity to close protection gaps and reduce unethical labour practices.

 “We are very proud to be continuing our partnership with IOM,” said Glenn Mandziuk, CEO, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance.
“The protection of workers remains a key issue for the hospitality industry, with the services sector accounting for the largest share of forced labour exploitation. We have been working with IOM to promote ethical recruitment and this Agreement will enable us to engage with the wider industry and continue this vital area of work.”

This partnership leverages the multi-stakeholder model of IOM’s IRIS: Ethical Recruitment initiative and builds upon IOM and the Alliance’s partnership under the US Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) funded project, Promoting Ethical Recruitment in the Hotel and Tourism Industry, to promote regular pathways for migrant workers, as well as to protect them throughout the labour migration process. Through this partnership, IOM and the Alliance have collaborated on the creation of trainings and resources, including a Guidance note on Establishing Ethical Recruitment Practices in the Hospitality Industry, designed for hotel brand and companies.