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Hospitality Unite

Matching hospitality jobs with refugees in need of opportunities

What is Hospitality Unite?

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Hospitality Unite is a jobs portal which enables refugees to search for and easily apply for jobs in the hospitality industry. 

  • Centralised hub for hospitality jobs from a range of hotel brands
  • Free to use for hotels and refugee job seekers
  • Simple system to apply and interview for roles while in transit
  • Website in Ukrainian and English
  • Source of talent for hotels
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This platform is built by the industry to support refugees – and its strength is in the collective pool of jobs that we can make available to the refugee community. All hotels are welcome to request to join the platform.

Becoming a global go-to for displaced people in need of opportunity

Initially this platform will apply to hotel properties in countries which have granted the right to work for Ukrainian refugees.

We also encourage you to register your interest so we can expand the reach of the platform and become a global go-to hub for displaced people in need of employment opportunities.

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