Travel Unity’s partnership with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance brings together two organisations committed to championing companies, brands and businesses that strive to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in the world of hospitality and travel.

Travel Unity will be working together with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance to help strengthen its sustainable people and planet programming. With an influential network of member hotels, the alliance now represents over 50,000 properties and 7 million rooms globally, which Travel Unity will be able to access.

The partnership will see both alliances act in close collaboration, holding consultations and participating in Working Groups to enable the world’s hospitality industry to become more open and accessible to all.

This mutual collaboration will see the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance hold Association-level membership in the Travel Unity Alliance and see the alliances work together to develop social and environmental toolkits and resources which will lead to the creation, testing and roll out of innovative solutions to social and environmental sustainability issues.

This collaboration will help galvanise conversation around inclusion with the alliance members being able to access the Travel Unity programmes and activities including their training resources.

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance CEO, Glenn Mandziuk, said:

“Both Travel Unity and the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance have common goals to open up the industry for all – making it accessible for everyone no matter their background.  I am delighted to welcome Travel Unity to our community and look forward to working together to help increase diversity in the world of hospitality and travel.”

Roni Weiss, Executive Director, Travel Unity, said:

“At Travel Unity, we believe that DEI is a subset of sustainability. We are very excited to be able to join hands with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance to maximize our collective impact. I look forward to working together to make sure that everyone connected to hospitality and travel – workforce, visitors, and communities – has their voices heard as the industry continues to evolve.”

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