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Earth Overshoot Day is a reminder that our approach to resources is unsustainable. Find out how we can work towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

Working collaboratively to advance the implementation of ethical recruitment principles in the hospitality industry

Find out how through multi-stakeholder partnerships the hospitality industry and the Alliance are creating practical solutions to advance ethical recruitment and accelerate pace of change.

Steps for hotels to manage their water usage

Desertification and Drought Day is a reminder of how previously fertile and biodiverse areas are transforming into desert. Find out how your hotel can help.

Removing single-use plastics from hotel operations

Each year 32% of all plastic packaging ends up in our oceans. Find out how hotels can reduce their impact by removing single-use plastics.

Top tips for hotels on reducing food waste

Addressing food waste is not just a priority in terms of sustainability, but also benefits the bottom line via significant reductions in food costs.

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Hospitality relies heavily on the natural world. On the International Day for Biological Diversity, find out how hotels can help reduce top threats to biodiversity.

Maximising the environmental and economic benefits of water efficiency

As tourism begins to recover, there is both an opportunity and an imperative to focus on water conservation in a time of increased hygiene protocols. 

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Wolfgang M. Neumann, Chair of Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, on how our collective power can deliver positive impact locally and on a global scale

Hospitality’s role in community resilience during the coronavirus crisis

With governments, communities and businesses taking action to tackle COVID-19 and support the welfare of their people, the hospitality industry is playing their part.

Labour Rights in the Hospitality Sector in Qatar: A Moment of Opportunity

Guest blog by Alix Nasri, Technical Specialist, ILO Project Office in Qatar, William Rook, Senior Advisor, Strategy & Programmes, IHRB.

Six simple steps for hotels to embed water stewardship

For World Water Day ITP is releasing its report Water Stewardship Report detailing the six simple steps for hotels and hotel groups to take in order to embed water stewardship throughout their portfolios.