The world’s hospitality industry is taking a significant step towards achieving Net Positive Hospitality with the addition of STRIVE by STX as an affiliate member of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance. As the climate action arm of environmental commodities trader STX Group, STRIVE by STX brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge on the growing decarbonisation economy.

The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance is excited to collaborate with STRIVE by STX in supporting the hospitality industry in understanding and navigating the opportunities and challenges presented by the global decarbonisation economy. This rapidly expanding economy is becoming paramount to businesses and organisations within the hospitality industry that are committed to implementing sustainable practices and bringing green financing initiatives to fruition.

With a wide-reaching network of influential member hotels spanning over 50,000 properties and 7 million rooms globally, the Alliance aims to ensure that STRIVE by STX’s insights and expertise are shared across the industry. By doing so, the Alliance aims to ensure that every hotel is empowered to contribute to the Alliance’s drive towards net positive hospitality.

The Alliance’s community serves as a platform for meaningful collaboration, bringing together members, strategic partners from various economic sectors, governmental agencies, and NGOs. Through this collaborative effort, the Alliance aims to facilitate the exchange of best practices and drive the industry towards a more sustainable future.

STRIVE by STX is uniquely positioned to optimise environmental impact in global organisations by guiding them through every phase of their decarbonisation and net-zero endeavours. Leveraging a vast cross-commodity product portfolio and industry expertise, alongside the global reach and resources of the STX Group, STRIVE by STX transforms challenges into business opportunities.

Glenn Mandziuk, CEO of the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, expressed his delight in welcoming STRIVE by STX as an affiliate member, stating:

“Their wealth of knowledge on the global decarbonisation economy will greatly benefit our community. STRIVE’s thought-provoking contributions to our Annual Summit, particularly on the importance of green financing, demonstrate their commitment to environmental progress. Collaboration and best practice sharing are crucial for the hospitality industry to achieve real sustainability milestones.”

Austin C. Wentworth, Head of North America of STRIVE by STX, expressed his enthusiasm for joining forces with the Alliance, stating:

“The hospitality sector plays a pivotal role in providing exceptional life experiences and driving economic growth. By fostering sustainable practices, we can unlock tremendous potential for growth, innovation, and a greener future. As the Alliance’s trusted climate advisory partner, we are dedicated to supporting industry leaders in their decarbonisation efforts.”

As an affiliate member representative, Mr. Wentworth will join the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s Senior Advisory Council to further strengthen the collaboration between STRIVE by STX and the Alliance.

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