About Risks of Modern Slavery in Labour Sourcing training

The Risks of Modern Slavery in Labour Sourcing is a comprehensive online training module designed to improve awareness of modern slavery and human rights risks in hotel operations, focusing on the recruitment of staff or contractors.

This is the first publicly available online training module made by and for the hotel industry focusing on risks in the labour supply chain. The training comprises of four modules covering:

  • What is modern slavery
  • How to identify risks in operations and supply chain
  • Real-life case studies to underpin the learnings
  • An assessment of the user’s knowledge

Users who successfully complete the training will be awarded a certificate.

Who is it for?

This training is designed to better equip hotel companies and their human resources, procurement and legal teams, to identify and address the risks in the recruitment of staff or contractors to work in their hotels. It can also be used by all hotel employees to increase awareness.

How was it created?

This training was developed by Hilton to train their staff and generously shared with Sustainable Hospitality Alliance for use by our membership and now the entire industry for free.