About the Hotel Waste Measurement Methodology

Following the steps in the methodology, hotels will be able to consistently measure and track the following metrics for a hotel or portfolio:

  1. Total waste, including total food waste (metric tons)
  2. Total waste, including total food waste, per square meter (kilograms)
  3. Diversion rate (waste and food waste) (%)

Other metrics can be integrated with this methodology to fulfill additional internal management and reporting requirements.

This methodology is intended to support hotels to:

  • Develop a standard set of waste metrics and waste factors, including food waste, by hotel type and geography;
  • Prepare brands and independent operators to confidently and consistently measure and report weights for their overall and food-specific wastes;
  • Set waste goals against which they can track progress;

What’s included in the methodology?

The methodology contains a series of steps to guide the user:

  1. Establishing the boundaries of the inventory. This section outlines the necessary definitions to align the inventory with industry standards.
  2. Identifying measurement metrics. This includes common comparable metrics and additional metrics which may be used if required.
  3. Gathering data and extrapolating for your portfolio, as necessary. This section details the procedures to collect data and fill data gaps that will inevitably exist after gathering all primary property level data.
  4. Verifying and auditing results. This section sets out the best practices for verifying data and auditing results.
  5. Reporting inventory results. This section outlines the inventory requirements for transparent, standardised waste and food waste reporting.

 Who is it for?

The primary audience for this methodology is manager-level of a portfolio of hotels. However, the waste boundaries and definitions can also be used at a property level, which can then be rolled up to portfolio level.

How was it created?

The Hotel Waste Measurement Methodology has been developed jointly by WWF-US and Greenview, supported by an industry working group from leading hotel brands and the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance. Find out more.