About Hotel Footprinting

Hotel Footprinting is designed to help hotels to benchmark their footprint with other sample hotels in their region and market using real data supplied by the industry.

The tool offers two functions:

  • Benchmarking: shows the carbon and energy footprint data for an example hotel across different market segments in different geographies. Includes comparison data per occupied room and per square metre of meeting room space.
  • Footprinting: allows hotels to generate carbon footprint reports for hotel stays and meetings based on hotel capacity and location. These can be completed for single or multiple properties and support with corporate reporting.

The tool is available at hotelfootprints.org.

Who is it for?

Hotel Footprinting is designed to be used for free by any hotel anywhere in the world (where data is available). It applies to individual hotels or multiple properties.

The tool can support hotels to:

  • benchmark their carbon emissions and energy usage
  • prepare corporate reports for hotel companies or corporate client requests
  • assist customers in their booking decisions

How was it created?

Hotel Footprinting was created in collaboration with Greenview. The dataset for benchmarking comes from the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Tool (CHSB). Hotel Footprinting uses the methodology from our Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI).