About Guidelines for Checking Recruitment Agencies

Guidelines for Checking Recruitment Agencies supports hotels to perform the necessary checks and procedures when engaging private employment agencies to recruit workers. This will help hotels to encourage more responsible practices and reduce the risks of human trafficking in their labour supply chain

Outsourcing recruitment can have many advantages, but for hotels operating in certain parts of the world, it can increase demand for a system designed by and for recruitment agencies charging recruitment fees and exploiting workers. This resource offers guidance when appointing an external agency to ensure they are using responsible recruitment practices. This includes:

  • Background checks to perform
  • Questions to ask when performing due diligence on potential agencies
  • Guidance on minimum contract terms to agree, including template contract
  • Regular checks to perform during contract term and questions to ask recruited workers

Who is it for?

This guidance has been designed to support hotel managers and HR employees to perform the right due diligence to reduce the risk bonded labour in the labour supply chain and ensure better working conditions for agency staff.

How was it created?

This resource has been developed with the support of our members and non-profit organisations working to improve labour standards and protect human rights through shaping policy, developing tools and guidance and advancing good practice. These organisations are Verite, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and the Institute for Human Rights and Business (IHRB).