About Global Hotel Decarbonisation Report

The Global Hotel Decarbonisation Report outlines the hotel sector’s decarbonisation pathway and the most impactful actions the sector could take in order to meet the 2-degree Celsius cap set out in the Paris Climate Agreement.

This report was created to better understand the current and projected climate impact of the hotel sector and the steps needed to reduce carbon emissions at scale. It outlines:

  • The methodology used to calculate hotel industry’s impact on climate change and resultant carbon reduction targets
  • The importance of setting science-based targets to reduce the hotel industry’s carbon footprint
  • Actions the industry can take to achieve science-based targets, focusing on increasing energy efficiency, producing and sourcing renewable energy and transitioning from fuel to electricity sources
  • Guidance for hotel companies to ensure sustainability is central to development, financing and operational decisions and supported through effective communication and collaboration.

The report shows that hotels need to reduce their absolute carbon emissions by 66% by 2030 and by 90% by 2050, to ensure that the predicted growth of the industry does not lead to a corresponding increase in carbon emissions. The industry will need to go even further to help limit warming to 1.5oC which scientists now agree is needed to avoid the very worst impacts of climate change.

Who is it for?

The report is designed to support hospitality companies to understand the scale at which action must be taken and the opportunities already available to make significant carbon reductions. This will also support senior management to engage stakeholders and drive action in the sector.

How was the report created?

This report was created in partnership with Greenview, a boutique sustainability firm that provides hospitality organisations with consulting and advisory services, the leading online sustainability data platform, and industry research studies.