How to determine the sustainability of hotels

Organisations globally are increasingly focused on understanding the sustainability impacts of their supply chains, including hotels used for business travel and meetings and events. 

The hospitality industry is on a journey to become more sustainable. Hotels around the world are at different stages; many are just starting, others are making progress and some are leading the way. 

Who is this guidance for?

This document is intended to provide guidance to organisations looking to assess the sustainability of hotels in their supply chain. It provides insight on: 

  • the type of questions that help determine sustainability of hotels 
  • where they are best directed to ensure the highest quality responses are received 

We also encourage hotels to share this information with their corporate customers to support them in their information requests.

What’s included?

This guidance includes:

  • What are the most material sustainability issues in hospitality
  • Recommended steps for determining what sustainability information to request
  • Example questions
  • Ensuring a fair comparison

How was this guidance created?

This guidance has been created with input from member companies of the Alliance and external experts.

Find out more

If you would like to understand more about how to determine the sustainability of hotels and would like to learn how our tools, such as the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative and Hotel Water Measurement Initiative, can support you, please get in touch.