Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is committed to advancing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging worldwide.

As part of the Company’s global commitment to creating lifechanging opportunities, Four Seasons Hotel Madrid works with la Fundación Síndrome de Down de Madrid (Down Madrid) to hire and retain local talent who face barriers to employment.

Down Madrid, among other activities, seeks employment opportunities for its stakeholders. As of November 2023, Four Seasons Hotel Madrid has two valued team members who joined the hotel through this programme, one as a kitchen assistant and another supporting the operation of our staff dining facilities. The team had a member of their People & Culture team join through another organisation, Fundación ALAPAR, in 2023.

The hotel works with their liaisons from these charitable organisations to ensure a safe and comfortable work environment for these team members while supporting their success. The hotel team is keen to expand the programme and regularly interviews candidates from the employment programmes organisations like Down Madrid and Fundación ALAPAR for vacant and anticipated roles.

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