About the Biodiversity factsheet

Biodiversity describes the huge variety of life on Earth, made up of the millions of species of plants and animals. Humans are having a growing impact on the planet, extracting and consuming the Earth’s resources at an unsustainable rate. Biodiversity can be a vital ally in the fight against climate change, through its ability to absorb emissions and provide a natural barrier against its effects.

The travel and tourism industry has a significant impact on biodiversity – from releasing carbon emissions to land-use changes and overusing natural resources. The very survival of the tourism industry relies on the desirability of the unique and varied destinations in which hotels are based and so, many hotels are leading the way to halt biodiversity loss and preserve our natural habitats.

This factsheet will help you identify important biodiversity considerations, understand your impacts and provide recommendations on how hotels can help preserve natural habitats. It includes:

  • Tips on how to get started
  • Case studies from the hospitality industry
  • Links to useful resources and organisations