PMI GoGreen

Uniting Sustainability and Profitability in Hotel Management

Streamline your hotels’ sustainability effort with PMI GoGreen, by uniting resource efficiency, CO2 reduction, and financial success, seamlessly embedding sustainability into daily hotel management.

A more comprehensive sustainability solution to reduce cost and environmental impact

PMI GoGreen goes beyond compliance, integrating eco-consciousness into daily operations. It enables hospitality groups to achieve their long-term environmental goals by breaking them down into monthly targets tailored to each property’s attributes and seasonal variations. Each hotel’s future targets are dynamically adjusted based on progress, ensuring the consistency of the group’s end goal.

Teams are empowered with practical advice, fostering ownership, healthy competition, and creativity to meet monthly targets. With PMI Planning, GoGreen harmonises resource management, CO2 reduction, and financial performance, simplifying the maze of choices to a straightforward, profitable journey.

PMI GoGreen can help hospitality companies by:

Breaking down long-term group goals into property-specific, monthly targets

Helping to drive daily or weekly actions and inform you how you’re pacing to reach your targets

Guiding users as to the tasks and skills they need to learn and improve on in order to reach a higher performance level

Helping hospitality leaders to visualise consumption and composition patterns to highlight where they can improve

Sharing best practice and promoting knowledge-sharing within the chain

PMI consultants help hotels develop and implement strategies and initiatives to achieve responsible resource management

Key features that make PMI GoGreen stand out in the market place:

While the onboarding process is quick and easy, users will continue to receive learning tips so they can continuously enhance their sustainability management skills

PMI empowers hoteliers with consumption forecasts powered by machine learning to help them plan ahead and optimise resource usage amidst daily fluctuating demand

PMI cultivates ownership, thanks to a gamified GoGreen index which guides sustainable choices using leading indicators

The constantly evolving portfolio makes setting targets challenging. PMI dynamically distributes, and redistributes, group goals into monthly targets for individual hotels, considering several factors

Seamless integration with external systems allows department heads to daily monitor progress towards goals

The PMI global bank offers benchmarks and best practices for continuous improvement and certification (e.g., ISO 14001)

Case study

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Strawberry - Pioneering sustainability transparency like never before

As leaders in sustainable and responsible hospitality, Alliance members strive to go above regulatory compliance and elevate their environmental efforts and transparency to new heights.

Discover how Strawberry (formerly Nordic Choice Hotels) did just that – opting for radical transparency and unlocking potential for increased CO2 reduction and cost-saving.

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