Responsible recruitment programme

Promoting ethical recruitment practices across industry-wide labour supply chains

  • 1 in 4

    victims of forced labour are international migrant workers

  • 8

    countries operational, as part of this programme

About this programme

Our members have long been committed to providing decent work and recognise that forced labour remains a key challenge for the industry. This programme seeks address potential risks of forced labour and human trafficking of workers in the global hotel labour supply chain.

Why we are doing this

Hotels often outsource services, such as cleaning, maintenance and security, and this can increase the risk of unethical employment and recruitment practices arising in the labour supply chain. This is because:

  • Labour supply chains are complex, often involving multiple sub-agencies, intermediaries and elaborate administrative steps, making workers more vulnerable to exploitation.
  • Current migration processes can involve several fee-collecting agents, contract deception and coercion through debt bondage and threats of violence.

What we are doing

Our work seeks to address potential risks of forced labour and human trafficking for workers in the global hotel labour supply chain.

Through our responsible recruitment programme, we are working with the hotel industry, governmental institutions, non-profits and other industries to:

  • Promote and encourage responsible recruitment across industry-wide labour supply chains, using the collective influence of the hospitality industry.
  • Pilot updated recruitment policies and processes in key countries through multi-stakeholder partnerships to create safe recruitment pathways and careers in the hotel industry
  • Create tools and guidance for hotel companies and recruitment agencies to protect migrant workers
  • Promote clear and accessible information for workers throughout their recruitment journey
World map outlining the countries our responsible recruitment programme is operational.

Where we work

We are implementing a series of pilot projects in key countries that recruit migrant workers (destination countries) and the countries workers are from (origin countries). This includes:

  • Qatar (destination)
  • Nicaragua (origin) to Mexico and Panama (destination)
  • Kenya and Uganda (origin) to Oman and Kuwait (destination)

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Skyscrapers in city skyline of Doha, Qatar. We are working in Qatar, with local government, ILO and IHRB to promote labour rights for hotel workers in Qatar.

Fair recruitment and decent work in the Qatar hospitality sector

Collaborating to promote labour rights in Qatar

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Migrant hotel housekeeper making a bed in guestroom. We are working in partnership with IOM to improve migration pathways for migrant hotel workers in Latin America, East Africa and Gulf countries.

Ethical recruitment in Latin America, East Africa and Gulf Countries

Improving migration pathways for migrant hotel workers

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Risks of Modern Slavery in Labour Sourcing Training

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We have developed practical tools and resources, free for the industry, including, guidelines for checking recruitment agencies, and know-how guides to human trafficking and the hotel industry.

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We are working with hospitality companies, governmental institutions, non-profits and other industries to embed responsible recruitment practices across the global hospitality labour supply chain.