(Renée Nicole Wagner, PhD., Corporate Director ESG & Quality Management, Orascom Hotels Management and Glenn Mandziuk, CEO World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance)

Orascom Hotels Management (OHM), one of the biggest hotel owners and operators in EMEA, has joined the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (the Alliance) as a member.

Orascom Hotels Management, an expert in delivering hotel development and management services, operates 33 hotels across five EMEA countries: Egypt, Switzerland, Montenegro, Oman, and the UAE.

Since joining the Alliance, OHM attended the Alliance’s Spring Summit last month and contributed to the Communications and PR Impact Committee meeting. Moving forward, Renée Nicole Wagner, PhD., representative from OHM will be contributing to the ‘Glossary of Terms Working Group’, which aims to help the industry align on messaging.

This significant agreement reinforces OHM’s ambition and core values to “develop a sustainable business model whilst preserving an evergreen environment to maintain a sustainable, fresh and healthy hotel product.”

Glenn Mandziuk, Chief Executive Officer of the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance said:

“I was delighted to see Orascom Hotels Management at our Spring Summit last month and am delighted they have joined the Alliance as an affiliate member. OHM’s core values illustrate the company’s ambitions to move towards Net Positive Hospitality and we look forward to seeing OHM contribute to the important work of our Impact Committees which are bringing tangible change to the industry.”

Renée Nicole Wagner, PhD, Corporate Director ESG & Quality Management at OHM said:

“Orascom Hotels Management aims to embed sustainability throughout our operations, benefiting guests, residents and talented team members. Our partnership with the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance will facilitate further awareness and education among our team, allowing OHM to pioneer sustainable practices tailored to the unique challenges of each of our destinations.”

The announcement coincides with the Alliance’s recent rebranding as the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, signifying its global influence global influence and commitment to driving sustainable practices around the world.

To find out more about the Alliance’s members, visit https://sustainablehospitalityalliance.org/about-us/members/ and further information about Orascom Hotels Management, visit https://orascomhm.com/.