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Net Positive Pathway

An action-focused Net Positive Pathway outlining a shared vision and actions, combined with a shared definition of sustainability standards, supported by an Academy platform to equip the industry to translate vision into action.

Strategic initiatives

The strategy advances a comprehensive approach to achieving Net Positive Hospitality, consisting of three key components.
Net Positive Pathway
High Ambition Movers

Net Positive Pathway


  • An action-focused Net Positive Pathway outlining a shared vision and actions to achieve this vision.
  • Industry-led standards and benchmarking aligning on ambition, shared definition on standards & ultimately certification.
  • Academy platform sharing knowledge assets, tools, and training to equip industry to translate vision into action.


  • Pathway and Academy provide the framework and tools to define and work towards net positive. 
  • Industry-led benchmarking ensures sustainability impact evidence is based on meaningful metrics. 


By 2030, private and public leaders are convinced of business imperative and teams are equipped to embed net positive throughout business. Industry is aligned on key goals and those driving meaningful change are recognised and rewarded. 
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Key deliverables

  • Net Positive Hospitality Pathway guidance materials and tools for People, Planet, Place, and Prosperity
  • Net Positive Hospitality Business Simulator for practical application of the Pathway
  • Training modules and materials lead to a certified curriculum delivered through a global network of academic and training institutions under a Net Positive Hospitality Academy platform.
  • Harmonised Industry Metrics and Standards Framework and Benchmarking System (including reporting and collection system) for Net Positive Hospitality, ultimately establishing a Net Positive Certification Framework and System for the industry.

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For full details of our commitment to create a prosperous and responsible hospitality sector that gives back to the destination more than it takes, please view our five-year strategy.