Silk Hospitality

1 Republic Square, Tbilisi, Georgia
+995 593 77 23 23
About Silk Hospitality

Silk Hospitality prioritizes guest satisfaction, maintaining a guest-oriented approach in every aspect of its operations. The sustainability initiatives are designed to improve the overall guest experience by creating an eco-conscious and environmentally responsible environment.

The focus on energy conservation and renewable energy sources aligns perfectly with our hotel’s commitment to quality service. By reducing energy and water consumption through optimized temperature management, energy-efficient lighting, solar panels and sensor oriented handwash, Silk Hospitality ensures a high-quality guest experience while also demonstrating its dedication to environmental awareness.

The hotel’s waste reduction efforts, from replacing single-use plastic with biodegradable alternatives to implementing refillable amenities, resonate well with the business’s quality-obsessed approach. These eco-friendly choices not only enhance the overall ambiance of the hotel but also showcase its commitment to sustainability, elevating the quality of the guest experience and the hotel’s reputation.

Furthermore, the strategy’s guest-oriented focus is exemplified by providing eco-conscious amenities and promoting sustainable dining options. Offering vegetarian choices not only caters to guests’ preferences but also aligns with their growing interest in ethical and sustainable food practices. This guest-centric approach fosters a stronger connection between the hotel and its patrons, as environmentally conscious travellers appreciate and support such initiatives.

Waste Management

Recycling plastic, glass, and batteries.

Measure and reduce energy use

Installing solar panels etc. 

Measure and reduce water use

Installing sensor-oriented handwash, installation of water pressure reducers on taps, creating linen and towel reuse program, etc. 

Providing community benefit activities

Organizing blood donation campaigns once a quarter, organizing environmental cleaning events, and participating in other charitable activities.

Reduction of inequalities in the establishment and supply chain

Including anti-discriminative statements in the company’s internal regulations, organizing equality awareness week, and encouraging minority employment. Distributing the business code of ethics to our providers, supporting small-scale farmers and businesses, etc.

Use of green cleaning products

25% of our cleaning products are eco-friendly and green-labeled.