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About Radisson Hotel Group

With a heritage rooted in responsible business practices, Radisson Hotel Group established its first environmental policy in 1989, with a strong focus on People, Planet, and Community.

With approved near-term Science Based Targets, the Group is committed to Net Zero by 2050 and has taken proactive steps toward this objective. Over the past decade, the group has successfully reduced average energy and water footprints by 30%. Key initiatives encompass prioritizing renewable energy, sustainable building design, responsible food and beverage sourcing, green mobility, and the reduction of single-use plastics.

Radisson Hotel Group facilitates responsible travel by providing sustainable value propositions like 100% carbon-neutral meetings and the rollout of EV charging networks.

Expanding beyond its organizational boundaries, Radisson Hotel Group plays a significant role in the broader industry by supporting initiatives such as Hotel Sustainability Basics (Basics). This comprehensive framework, developed by and for the industry, defines hotel sustainability standards to promote responsible travel and tourism. The Basics serve as a foundational step on a progressive sustainability journey that can be further enhanced with initiatives like the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s own Pathway to Positive Hospitality or the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

Radisson Hotel Group is an international hotel group, operating in EMEA and APAC, with over 1240 hotels in operation and under development.

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Responsible Business Report 2022

2022 was an essential year for Radisson Hotel Group’s sustainability program. We have started our net-zero transformation. This includes the implementation of our renewable energy sourcing strategy and our transition to green hotel buildings which enable us to act swiftly and in close coordination with property owners, developers, and our supply chain.

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Hotel Sustainability Basics

Together with top brands, associations and destinations in the industry representing over 50,000 hotels, Radisson Hotel Group has launched the Hotel Sustainability Basics, a common and inclusive definition of hotel sustainability to drive responsible travel & tourism. Criteria include twelve actions which are fundamental to hotel sustainability.

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Policies and Performance

At Radisson Hotel Group we are committed to caring for people, our community and the planet, and we lead many actions that create a ripple effect of positive impact. Our reports and policies describe the most material corporate responsibility and sustainability aspects of our operations. Acting on these causes is essential to business success and our responsibility as global citizens.

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