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13 – 18, City Quay Dublin Docklands – Dublin D02 ED70, Ireland
About Kerten Hospitality

Kerten Hospitality’s ESG Initiative is called UBBU – United. Building a Better Universe. UBBU reflects the butterfly effect where even small actions can lead to great global impacts especially when united by our teams globally.

UBBU describes a company culture and commitment to the environment, our people, and the local communities in aiming to create a greater connection between guests and local communities. The Main approach to UBBU is locality, which is fluidly implemented throughout all business procedures, operations, and ESG initiatives – where we stay flexible and adaptive to each local community we are operating in and local regulations. With the focus on locality, UBBU integrates local culture, businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs, uniquely in all properties and new projects.

Internally we have created programs for property teams related to all ESG topics serving as guidelines, benchmarking, and reporting requirements. We work diligently with our owners, corporate and property teams to push ESG in all new building concepts, pre-opening, and following through within operations.

We are steadily finalizing on ESG related policies, and standardizing reporting. We aim to start in 2024 annual reporting to further communicate and showcase our ESG efforts within our teams and properties globally.


With UBBU, we aim to lower our environmental impact through building techniques and operational standards, while uplifting and supporting the local community and aiming to have a positive impact on the local economy.

Local Community

The attention to local communities has been crucial in the development of UBBU. UBBU’s actions and strategies are adapted to meet the needs of each local community and property, driven by UBBU Teams on the ground. Our aim is to create a greater connection between guests and the surrounding neighborhood.


The purpose of UBBU, and giving ESG another name, was to strengthen our team engagements, enhance understanding of ESG, and motivate our team members on the ground who are actively pushing our UBBU strategy.

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