The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, has today launched ground-breaking new training, developed in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration, to provide hospitality companies with practical, in-depth knowledge of how to implement ethical recruitment practices when employing migrant workers.

This training course is free for the hospitality industry, and is suitable for decision makers (CEOs, VPs and Legal), human rights and sustainability teams, head office and regional HR teams, procurement teams, general managers, and team members with hiring responsibilities. It has been developed to be used within face-to-face training sessions or a full training day, with interactive pauses to create space for discussion and reflection.

The course includes five modules:

  • The case for ethical recruitment introductory video
  • Ethical recruitment principles
  • Ethical recruitment policies and commitments
  • Ethical recruitment principles and implementation
  • Grievance mechanisms, remedy and migrant voice

Participants who have taken the training said:

“This is an outstanding course from the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance. Very informative session and covered all the aspects of Grievance Mechanisms.”
“The course aligns well with company standards and legal requirements.”
“This is a very detailed course, with specific and relevant industry KPIs.”
“The Grievance Mechanisms training provides great insight into what a good Grievance Mechanism looks like and how it can contribute to better addressing the needs of migrant workers, providing it is accessible, transparent, and legitimate guidance to improve our human rights performance.”

The course has been developed with support from the IRIS Ethical Recruitment Initiative and was generously funded by the US Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

To access this free learning tool, simply create a website login and head to