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About Rabmer GreenTech

Rabmer was founded 60 years ago and has been active in environmental technology worldwide since more than 30 years. Here we combine innovative and high-quality Austrian environmental technology with many years of international sales know-how and our large customer network. The focus is particularly on the areas of water, wastewater, energy efficiency and renewable energies. Following products and technologies are especially for the hospitality sector and meet the high requirements of ESG and taxonomy:

  • Ecowaterjet by rabmer® – Water Savers for showers & faucets – keeps the full showering comfort
  • AQUABION® – Corrosion- and Limescale Protection
  • Energy from Waste Water and Exhaust Air for heating and cooling of buildings
  • Water Production, Treatment and Purification Systems
  • Grease Protection for Grease Separators and Waste Water Systems

Rabmer also strives towards net positivity in its own company.

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Ecowaterjet by Rabmer®

Up to 50% water and energy saving in showers and faucets without any loss of comfort for the hotel guests (waterflow reduction of faucets down to 5 l/min. and in showers down to 6,5 l/min. with full showering comfort are possible).

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AQUABION® corrosion and limescale protection for potable water pipes

Eliminates calcification based on a sustainable zinc sacrificial anode – no need of energy, chemicals or salt – saves water, because no additional water usage for cleaning of the equipment.

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Energy from wastewater for heating and cooling of buildings

Using the energy in the wastewater of public sewers in combination with innovative heat exchangers and heat pumps to supply buildings with renewable energy for heating and cooling

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Exhaust Air for heating and cooling of buildings

Not only wastewater is suitable as an energy source, but also heat from exhaust air from ventilation systems offers enormous energy potential: by using innovative heat exchangers, if necessary also in combination with heat pumps, this energy can be efficiently and economically introduced into the existing heating and cooling cycle. This can result in a significant reduction in energy consumption, operating costs and CO2 emissions

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Water production, treatment and purification systems

We plan and deliver customized water purification plants. Depending on requirements we also use turnkey container solutions, which fit very well especially for customers in the hotel sector

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Grease protection for grease separators and wastewater systems

The Rabmer grease treatment system is a natural bacterial suspension in aqueous dilution, enriched with trace elements and vitamins as well as zeolite as an absorbent and surface improver. This helps to lower the fat content in grease traps and reduces the levels of lipemic fabrics and fatty substances in wastewater as well as odour nuisance in kitchens

This organisation is a member of the Sustainability Hospitality Alliance

This organisation is a member of the Sustainability Hospitality Alliance