Registration no SE 556030788501
Pandox AB (publ), Vasagatan 11, level 9, 101 20, Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 506 205 50
About Pandox

Pandox helps to drive sustainable development by creating resource-efficient properties and operating hotels in a way that reduces Pandox’s climate footprint while also growing the business.

Pandox is a property company that owns 159 hotel properties in 15 markets in Europe and Canada. 139 of the hotel properties are leased out to external hotel operators in the Property Management business segment. Within the Operator Activities business segment Pandox operates hotels itself in 20 of the properties

Pandox uses suppliers to maintain the properties, for renovations and construction work, and for procurement of materials and services. The Company also works with tenants to develop the properties. Pandox is active in the part of the value chain from acquisition and property development, through leasing, technical maintenance and hotel operation, to retrofit, renovation and possible divestment of the properties. Pandox therefore has an influence throughout the hotel industry value chain, but the Company’s role and responsibilities with respect to sustainability differ between its business segments. Pandox has direct responsibility for sustainability topics in its section of the value chain for hotels it operates, but is also able to influence other parts of the value chain by setting standards for the suppliers and by working in cooperation with tenants. The extent of this influence is determined by the leases.

This organisation is a member of the Sustainability Hospitality Alliance

This organisation is a member of the Sustainability Hospitality Alliance