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About MindClick

MindClick is a supply chain data and analytics company dedicated to supporting ESG and advancing positive environmental and social impact in the global hospitality industry. Through cloud-based decision tools and impact reporting, MindClick empowers design and purchasing teams to create beautiful interiors in support of people and planet – net zero carbon emissions, healthy interiors, waste reduction, circularity, and social responsibility.   

Following global ESG standards, MindClick aggregates, consolidates, and transforms product-based environmental and social impact data into Product Intelligence. Design, construction, and purchasing teams turn to MindClick to guide and optimize brand standards, design, and purchasing in support of ESG goals, reporting requirements, and hotel marketing.  

Through product intelligence for over 150,000 products from hundreds of manufacturers, MindClick helps leading brands, operators, and owners representing over 1 million hotel rooms globally, track and optimize the impact of their supply chain.  

MindClick is an Environment+Energy 2021 Top 100 Leader, a member of SHA’s Advisory Council, and a contributor to Cornell’s Hospitality Research Summit, and the Hotel of Tomorrow initiative. Recognized by the UNWTO as a leading voice in sustainable tourism, CEO JoAnna Abrams is a contributor to Wharton’s Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership and has been awarded the designation of hospitality industry innovator by Lodging Magazine.  

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Design Impact and Project Impact Reporting

MindClick provides product ratings and comparative impact analytics to guide design and purchasing selections for hotel projects. Impact Reporting supports property promotion and ESG reporting.

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Brand Standard Impact Analysis & Optimization

MindClick conducts product-based Impact Analysis of Specifications and Design Guidelines, to optimise environmental and social impact for hotel brand positioning, ESG goals, and guest expectations.

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ESG Analytics

Through product-based Impact Assessments of brand standards, new builds and renovations, MindClick delivers 3rd-party verified ESG data-scope 3 emissions, healthy interiors, circularity and social responsibility.

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Marketing & Promotion

MindClick’s product-based assessment of design and construction projects delivers powerful 3rd-party verified content for use in crafting compelling sustainability stories to engage travellers and employees.

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Purchasing Analysis & Optimization

MindClick helps “green the supply chain” through product based environmental and social impact ratings, delivering analytics to guide contracting and performance improvement to support ESG.

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Consulting, Education & Training

MindClick offers tools, training, and consulting guidance for vendors, brands, owners, operators, and their design and purchasing teams to advance ESG in the hospitality industry.

This organisation is a member of the Sustainability Hospitality Alliance

This organisation is a member of the Sustainability Hospitality Alliance