Considerate Group

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About Considerate Group

Founded in 2012, Considerate Group is a data-driven sustainability consultancy, focused on the hospitality and tourism sectors. Considerate offers clients a unique blend of expertise, with a team consisting of sustainability and hospitality experts, building engineers and experienced data analysts. With offices in London and New York, Considerate Group provides tailor-made solutions to the sustainability challenges faced by hotels and tourism businesses around the world.

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Con-Serve™, our ESG data-intelligence platform, powered by Deepki®, tracks ESG metrics (e.g., energy, water, waste), as well as hospitality-specific metrics (e.g., room nights, guests, food covers), to allow hospitality businesses to comprehensively monitor consumption and resource use patterns.  A fully automated data collection process and advanced visualisations pinpoint inefficiencies that impact performance, and our expert in-house data analysts offer customised reports for actionable insights, guiding businesses towards operating more efficiently. Con-Serve™ aligns with major international frameworks such as CRREM, SBTi, GRESB, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, Decret Tertiaire, GRI, and Energy Star, supporting regulatory compliance and strategic decision-making. It provides essential data for accurate reporting, helping clients ensure compliance and remain future-ready.

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Energy Assessments

Choosing Considerate Group for your Energy Assessment means getting a comprehensive, tailored service. Our assessments provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your asset’s resource usage patterns, identify areas for improvement, and provide a suite of tailored operational no-cost, low-cost, and capex intensive life-cycle cost analysis recommendations, to reduce operational expenditure at the property. Our reports estimate the impact and feasibility of each recommendation, and we give ongoing support to help you implement these changes.

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Decarbonisation Strategy

Understanding that each brand, asset owner, and investor faces unique challenges and opportunities, we tailor our approach to suit each client’s specific needs. Our portfolio decarbonisation strategies are bespoke, crafted with the nuances of the hospitality sector in mind. We navigate the intricacies of energy consumption, resource management, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria to formulate plans that are both ambitious and achievable.