Beyond Bamboo have become the latest affiliate member to join the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance’s network for responsible hospitality, alongside Rabmer Group, KALDEWEI, and Mindclick.

The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (the Alliance) is a global charity, which unites engaged hospitality companies and organisations across the value chain, driving collaboration to create a lasting positive impact both on a local and global scale. The organisation’s hospitality company members now represent over 50,000 hotels, equating to over 7 million rooms globally. Joining this network on the journey to a more sustainable future, are a network of affiliate members, including real estate owners, procurement experts, investment funds, legal and consulting firms. The Alliance is delighted to welcome Beyond Bamboo to this influential group.

Focusing not only sustainable, but regenerative practices, the Alliance and Beyond Bamboo share a restorative vision for the future. Supporting companies on the path to ‘beyond sustainability’, Beyond Bamboo specialise in sourcing and advising on business products and services that support the repair and rejuvenation of the planet, making it easier for companies to choose environmentally friendly and ethical options. International research by UNESCO indicates that the hotel industry uses 150 million tons of single-use plastic a year.1 As the only global organisation in the marketplace offering a full portfolio of sustainable and ethical products, Beyond Bamboo aims to dramatically reduce this, already providing alternative compostable or recycled products.

With 2.4 million hotels rooms currently being planned or constructed,2 a holistic approach is more important than ever. This new collaboration will see Beyond Bamboo come together with over 60 other companies across the hospitality sector and the wider value chain, to share expertise and experiences, as the Alliance continue to use this collective power of the industry to tackle the key global challenges affecting the planet and its inhabitants.

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance CEO, Glenn Mandziuk, said:

“Purchasing decisions have a profound impact, both socially and environmentally. Hotels could be working hard to reduce negative impacts across their operations, only to have an indirect negative impact through the goods and services they are using, and whilst hospitality companies are increasingly considering the effects of their purchases, vast supply chains often mean it can be difficult to see the full picture. That’s why it’s crucial we combine our expertise with sustainable procurement specialists, and we are so pleased to welcome Beyond Bamboo to the Alliance.”

Tiffany Kelly, Co-Founder & CEO, Beyond Bamboo, said:

“We are delighted to join the Alliance and keen to support all members on their journey towards becoming beyond sustainable. It is no longer enough to sustain and do no more harm, we need to go beyond this to restore and rejuvenate the global eco-system and the hospitality industry has a huge part to play. We currently provide the only fully vetted portfolio of products for hotels that are all locally sourced and planet conscious. We are committed to making a difference through educating and changing mindset towards conscious consumerism.”

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