Belize Tourism Board has made history by becoming the first country to join the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance (the Alliance), marking a monumental step towards sustainable tourism and climate goals worldwide.

Belize is the first Destination Partner of the Alliance, having shown a strong commitment to sustainable tourism.  This includes developing sustainable initiatives such as creating community-based tourism clusters that preserve Indigenous Communities. Belize is also internationally recognised for the preservation of its UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest reef globally, home to hundreds of species of coral and fish.

The hospitality sector is a major contributor to many economies worldwide, but it also carries a significant environmental and social footprint on local communities. The Alliance’s Destination Partner initiative is designed to engage local, regional, and national tourism organisations, as well as city and regional councils, under a common sustainability agenda to help support the industry in accelerating towards Net Positive Hospitality.

Image shows a panoramic view of the ocean in Belize with a pelican sat on a jetty.

This partnership signifies a collaboration between Belize and the Alliance which will see Belize actively participating in the inaugural 2024 World Travel Sustainability Awards in September, aimed at promoting Net Positive Hospitality in Travel and Tourism. Belize will also participate in various leading Environmental and Social Accelerator programmes of the Alliance designed to advance engagement and innovation across the hospitality sector throughout the country and share the key learning with the rest of the world.

Glenn Mandziuk, CEO, The Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, says:

“Belize is a well-known leader in sustainable and responsible tourism. The country develops projects that encourage travellers to engage with the biodiversity and natural beauty of Belize. As an Alliance we are delighted to welcome Belize and look forward to working with the Belize Government, championing and sharing its innovation in sustainability. This exciting partnership will provide a blueprint for the Alliance in engaging governments around the world who wish to engage in sustainable tourism development and deliver Net Positive Hospitality.”

Minister of Tourism, Belize, Anthony Mahler, emphasised the country’s commitment to sustainability, stating:

“Belize is extremely proud to be the first country to join the Alliance, taking further steps toward our commitment to responsible travel. We look forward to collaborating with the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance to drive positive change in the industry.”

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