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Leveraging Alliance members’ operations to design and deploy pilot initiatives targeting issues in specific destinations alongside public and private sector partners to create replicable and scalable solutions.

Strategic initiatives

The strategy advances a comprehensive approach to achieving Net Positive Hospitality, consisting of three key components.
Net Positive Pathway
High Ambition Movers



  • Leveraging Alliance members’ footprints and operations to launch pilot initiatives targeting systemic issues in specific destinations working with public and private sector partners to design and deploy solutions to address barriers.
  • Key learnings and potential for scaling and replication will be captured and disseminated to the wider industry. 


  • Focussing attention at the destination level helps to drive change given varied and complex industry. 
  • Hospitality firms can drive change given physical presence and strong connections to local partners. 


By 2030, Alliance has established a successful model which can be scaled and replicated. 
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Key deliverables

  • Identify potential Net Positive Hospitality Accelerators and destinations specialising in Employability, Accessibility, Equity and Gender Empowerment, Financing, Technology, Green Building Practices, Responsible Resourcing, and Nature Positive Tourism.
  • Implementation of Pilot Accelerator in 2023. 
  • Launch of 3x Accelerators by 2024 and 10x Accelerators by 2027. 
  • 1x white paper per Accelerator to share learnings.

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For full details of our commitment to create a prosperous and responsible hospitality sector that gives back to the destination more than it takes, please view our five-year strategy.