Seyi grew up in Nigeria with his four brothers and sisters. He enjoyed his childhood and completed his education. He found a job working with the Nigerian Post Authority, and had a dream of becoming a banker or a politician. However, he became physically disabled and life became much harder.

“I faced a lot of difficulty after I became disabled in my left leg. But I was able to accept my new status and move on with my life.”

Seyi discovered the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance employability programme. As part of the Inclusive Futures initiative, operated with the local support of Nigerian partner Project Enable, the programme focussed on promoting disability inclusion. “I heard about the program from my mother in-law’s friend who encouraged me to associate myself with people of my physical disability.”

The programme began with classroom training in core employability skills. “The classroom was very inclusive for learning. I learnt a lot like self-discovery, having a value and always respecting peoples’ values, writing a professional resume, digital skills, and building good team work.”

Following the employability skills training, Seyi moved into practical training in a workplace. Due to the impact of the pandemic, hospitality jobs were limited, therefore Seyi used the transferable nature of his new skills to secure a placement in the research and policy department at BudgIT – a data management and social advocacy organisation.

“What I enjoyed most was the internship period. It give me the opportunity to put to practice what I have learnt in the course. The period also helped me showcase my ability to the organisation I was posted to.”

Seyi completed the four week work placement and was delighted to be retained in the position. “I was specifically excited because I have been out of job due to my disability and this opportunity will help me build a career.”

“The programme has helped me to know that disability is not a limitation.”

“I learned that I have the ability to learn fast on the job, and good time management. I am going to seize this golden opportunity to build my career and also expand my knowledge in this field.”