Request for Quote (RFQ) for web developer services

We are seeking a qualified web developer to help us redevelop, optimise, host and manage our website. We are a small charity that brings together the hotel industry along with strategic partners to create a responsible industry that gives more back to the destination than it takes. Our work covers environmental, social and governance issues under our global ambition of Net Positive Hospitality. Our audience is primarily B2B and global.

Through our website we seek to drive awareness, inspire and support the industry to become more sustainable through our work and the provision of free resources, tools, training and best practice. We also have further developments that we would like to incorporate into the functionality including improving our digital journeys and taking a more digital-first approach to our resources.

We are seeking a multi-year relationship with someone who can support us with our immediate needs as well as help us to create and deliver a longer-term development strategy for the site in line with our organisational strategy and latest digital innovations.

To find out more about the scope of work and requirements, please view the full RFQ.


Please submit your RFQ to by Wednesday 31st May at midday.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.