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About Weeva Solutions

We are on a mission to future-proof and make the global tourism industry more resilient. We believe that data collection and behavioural change is key to creating a tourism industry that can play its part in alleviating inequality, fighting climate change, protecting biodiversity and supporting prosperous communities. 

Weeva is designed specifically for the tourism industry to manage the complicated and sometimes daunting task of business “sustainability” and to drive adaptability and transformation. Weeva’s vision for tourism is that every business, whether a hotel, lodge, tour operator or B&B, knows its impact on the world – both positive and negative – and what practical steps to take to improve so that it ultimately has a net-positive contribution, as well as commercial success.  

How Weeva is different from other data management tools: 

  • We have added social impact metrics. We help our users to identify, celebrate, manage, and amplify social capital as part of their sustainability journey. 
  • Weeva helps measure the initial baseline for a business and then ‘nudge’ the user towards measuring performance, setting targets and achieving goals. 
  • Data capture can be assigned to numerous individuals, so the onus isn’t on one person.  
  • Our platform seeks to reduce the complexity and make sustainability simple.  
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Holistic sustainability management

Weeva provides data and impact management across 18 inter-connected parameters, including but not limited to carbon emissions.

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Improve your sustainability practice

Learn, measure and improve your impact with step-by-step guides, dashboards and trackers.

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Visualise your data

ata analysis is made easy with our automatically rendered dashboards and graphs.

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Communicate your progress with reporting

Easy to generate, customisable reports to share with your team, your stakeholders, and your customers.


A team of dedicated sustainability experts and technical support, to help you on your journey of continuous improvement, towards net positive hospitality. 

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Key impact summary

A custom-designed, visually appealing annual report highlighting key data points. You can generate a snapshot of your annual impact to share with whomever you want.

This organisation is a member of the Sustainability Hospitality Alliance

This organisation is a member of the Sustainability Hospitality Alliance