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Be better… there’s always room for improvement.

This very often is the reason research is undertaken, whether to enhance services, deepen connections, change behaviour, improve understanding or overcome challenges. Our clients choose us because they believe they can be better, and they believe we can help them.

We believe we can be better, too. We learn from every survey, audit, mystery shop or consulting project we undertake to enhance and enrich our insights all the time. With our founders still active and many directors measuring their tenure in decades, not years, that’s a lot of learning and experience we bring to the table. Since our inception in 1991 we have had a team dedicated to the hospitality sector – where our knowledge of brands and consumers’ attitudes is unrivalled.

Profit is only one of the ways we judge our business. We have signed the UK Market Research Society pledge to become a Net Zero business by 2026 and are in the process of becoming a B Corp so we have started to ‘do our bit’, but will continue to strive for better in everything we do.

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Consumer and B2B insights/market research

Deploying the full range of research techniques to find answers to the most pressing business questions

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Customer segmentation, perceptions and attitudes

Vast experience in uncovering how people think and feel about products, brands, services and emerging sectoral challenges

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Nudge consulting

Understanding and changing human behaviour through the application of behavioural science to real-world situations

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CX management

Mystery shopping, experience audit and enterprise feedback systems to elevate experiences from mundane to EPIC, with dedicated hospitality programmes

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Hotel Guest Survey

Global multi-client project providing impartial tracking of brand performance, perceptions and premium

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Sustainability research in the hospitality sector

Multi-client Global Sustainable Hospitality Trends Report and the Nudging Sustainability in Hospitality programme

This organisation is a member of the Sustainability Hospitality Alliance

This organisation is a member of the Sustainability Hospitality Alliance