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Fish swimming in ocean

Removing single-use plastics from hotel operations

Each year 32% of all plastic packaging ends up in our oceans. Find out how hotels can reduce their impact by removing single-use plastics.

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Simon Le Gouais Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance welcomes new Director of Finance and Resources

Sustainable Hospitality Alliance is pleased to welcome Simon Le Gouais as Director of Finance and Resources, a finance and operations professional with over 20 years’…

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Fresh vegetables on a market stall

Top tips for hotels on reducing food waste

Addressing food waste is not just a priority in terms of sustainability, but also benefits the bottom line via significant reductions in food costs.

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Rainforest in the sunshine

How hotels can help to protect the natural world

Hospitality relies heavily on the natural world. On the International Day for Biological Diversity, find out how hotels can help reduce top threats to biodiversity.

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Autostop tap in hotel bathroom

Maximising the environmental and economic benefits of water efficiency

As tourism begins to recover, there is both an opportunity and an imperative to focus on water conservation in a time of increased hygiene protocols. 

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Sustainable Hospitality Challenge

Sustainable Hospitality Challenge launches to enhance evolution of sustainable hospitality

The Challenge convenes students from top tier hospitality business schools around the world to develop sustainable solutions and present their ideas to the industry’s leadership.